Amber Freeman

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Amber Freeman

Associate, Events


Amber Freeman joined InsideNGO in March 2017 as the events associate. In this role, she provides coordination support for all of InsideNGO’s training events as well as for the Annual Conference, including materials production and on-site logistics.

Prior to joining InsideNGO, Amber worked in the hospitality industry in group sales and front desk operations with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Starwood, and Marriott, and as a youth events coordinator with Festival Disney at Walt Disney World. She has always loved to travel and meet people from different cultures and is excited to explore the international development sector. 

Amber graduated with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and minor in English language arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and holds an Associate of Applied Science in meeting and event management from Madison College. As a small-town Wisconsin transplant, she loves exploring all the restaurants and museums the DC area has to offer.  

Q + A

What is your favorite band or music artist?

For someone who loves music, I actually don’t have a favorite band or artist. But, I am complete musical theater geek. Give me something from Disney, Wicked, or really any show tune I can sing to (loudly, and preferably in the car with the windows down), and I am a happy girl. 

What is your favorite place you’ve been to, and where do you want to go next?

Australia has to be my absolute favorite. The land is beautiful and varied, people are incredibly friendly, and what’s not to love about kangaroos and koalas. As far as what’s next, really anywhere is on my list. Except for maybe Antarctica – I know I’m from Wisconsin, but being surrounded by that much snow and ice sounds like a waking nightmare. 

Which Disney villain(s) do you love to hate (or just plain love)?

As a former Disney cast member, I’ve really come to appreciate them all, but Hades from Hercules gets the most love. Even though he’s the lord of the underworld, he’s not all that evil – just manipulative and jealous of his siblings who got the sweeter deal. As a sister and someone who’s worked in sales, I can kind of see where he’s coming from. Plus, he has great hair.