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Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (PSEAH) / Safeguarding

At Humentum, we believe protecting those we serve around the world should be at the heart of every organization’s mission. As should ensuring that our employees are offered a safe, harassment-free environment within our own workplaces.

While the problem of sexual harassment and abuse is widespread in all employment contexts — our sector’s work with highly vulnerable people increases the risk of all forms of abuse of power. It also means we must go beyond what is expected of other sectors in addressing this issue and be very transparent about how we do so to deserve the trust of those we work with, our staff, and our supporters. #AidToo, and the growing number of people who continue to come forward to report abuse, shows that our sector has not been doing enough and that, at times, we have failed.

Our mission and network mean that we have the capability and responsibility to play a leading role in partnership with other relevant organizations in tackling and preventing sexual abuse and exploitation. We aim to help our network and partner organizations develop sector-wide commitments to ethical codes of conduct and associated standards. We directly provide practical learning and other forms of support to help organizations achieve the significant changes in behavior and organizational culture required. Our ability to offer an integrated and holistic approach will allow ownership of this issue and the necessary changes and improvements to be owned both organizational and sector-wide.

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