Lessons from Leaders: Interview with Mark Viso


March 14, 2019

Lessons from Leaders: Interview with Mark Viso

By Lynne Gilliand

Lynne Gilliand Consulting

Lynne Gilliland sits down with Mark Viso who is the president and CEO of Pact for a new Lesson From Leaders. Mark and Lynne discuss the evolution of being a CEO, the original understanding of a CEO's roles versus the reality of the position, tools and take aways for new CEO's to thrive and more. He also talks about learning from his failures. Mark shares his perspective on reaching goals, realizing the dream and embracing where he is now. In regards to 'reaching the dream' he says, "I don't know if I'm 'there' but I know I am doing it." Hear more about his joy, his passion and his plans for where Pact is looking to go.

This is part of series of blogs with Lynne interviewing leaders in the nonprofit sector. 

Here is a short summary of the interview, and watch the full interview below!



Watch the full interview below:


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