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2021 OpEx Awards

We are excited to announce the 2021 Humentum OpEx Awards are open for nominations!

These awards recognize the strong, effective operations that lead to a thriving social sector. Each year, we celebrate examples of operational excellence from those who work to create and bolster positive impact in their organizations.

As the world strives to learn and move forward from more than a year of hardship, the OpEx Awards provide an opportunity to honor the hard work of individuals and teams working together to build, strengthen, and succeed with mutual support. Our members’ efforts lay the foundation for what our sector can and will look like in the future.

Humentum will be honoring four individuals or teams within the sector who innovate, collaborate, and achieve impact.  One Industry Partner and one Humentum Learning Services (HLS) Partner will also be recognized with an OpEx Award for their work with our members.

 An individual or team nomination:

OpEx Award nominees (an individual or team) must be working for a Humentum member organization and can be working in or across any function areas such as: Program Management; Financial Management; Human Resources and Learning; Compliance and Risk; Business Development; Grants Management, and other operational departments.

They should also meet the following criteria:

  • Successfully addressed a compelling operational need or challenge;
  • Instituted an innovative model, solution, or strategy utilizing operational capabilities;
  • Achieved meaningful and measurable impact;
  • Worked in the spirit of collaboration and collective success to address the needs of their organization, program, or beneficiaries; and
  • Can be an individual or team.

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Industry Partner nomination:

Industry Award nominees must be an Industry Partner and should meet the following criteria:

  • Positively impacted your organization’s operations or capacity;
  • Provided excellent service that addresses the unique needs of the sector;
  • Brings a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and partnership to work with your organization; and
  • Is dedicated to positive social impact.

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Need guidance on what kinds of work the OpEx Awards honor? Consider:

  • Did one of your colleagues go above and beyond to ensure success with changes due to COVID-19?
  • How did a team at your organization innovate with limited resources and time?
  • Did someone work particularly hard to keep a project on track while managing shifting staff availability and technology capacities?
  • Did one or more of your colleagues find an imaginative solution to the interruptions caused by the pandemic?
  • How has a team (or team member) helped staff manage stress and maintain work-life balance throughout the past year?
  • Did one or more of your colleagues exceed expectations when helping staff manage unequal access to resources due to the impacts of COVID-19?

Eligibility for all Awards:

  • Nominees for the OpEx Awards must be a current staff member of a Humentum member organization.
  • Nominees for the Industry Award must be a current Industry Partner with Humentum.
  • Nominations recognize contributions and accomplishments made by an individual or a team.
  • Humentum Board members are not eligible for consideration.
  • Self-nominations are not eligible for consideration.

Nominations must be received by October 29, 2021.

Please contact Lourdes Isalgue with any questions.

Hear from past awardees

ACDI/VOCA’s USAID/Honduras Transforming Market System Activity team received an award last year for their work coordinating a collaborative and meaningful pandemic response in Honduras.
July 12, 2021
Dr. Petra Kruger, Senior Technical Advisor at the Aurum Institute, received an award last year for her work designing and delivering a unique Management Development Program (MDP) to equip Primary Healthcare Facility Managers with practical skills in managing and running a clinic or health center.
August 24, 2021