Managing Risk in the Current USG Award Accountability Environment

Managing Risk in the Current USG Award Accountability Environment

Below the loud noises that have defined the United States Government for the last two years, the work of federal agencies that award and administer grants, cooperative agreements and contracts has routinely gone on. What that has meant to non-governmental organizations that perform those awards in foreign countries is that the current atmosphere is still largely drive by statutes, regulations, and procedures that emphasize oversight and accountability and that use sticks as much as they use carrots. Prudent management dictates that NGO’s closely examine the performance and compliance risks for their organizations that are present in the USG award environment and that they respond in sensible ways. Some of the risks arise from fairly obvious sources—like monitoring visits and audits. Others unfortunately can arise because one prominent organization or individual has fouled up and the matter and the reaction goes viral. This one day program will identify and assess the current USG accountability environment from risk management perspective--what could go wrong, what is the likelihood that it will, what are the consequences if it does, and what should we do about it.   

Practice areas

Finance;Grants and Contracts

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Dates and registration

Jun 06 - Jun 06, 2019 Washington, DC, United States English Full info