Senior Leader Convening

Senior Leader Convening

C-Suite Convenings: Leaders Meeting with Leaders


Meeting with peers to discuss trending issues and to crowdsource solutions is a valued benefit of InsideNGO membership. In addition to general functional area roundtables, InsideNGO convenes C-level senior leaders to gather by professional area with their peers. These exclusive C-level leader gatherings are convened for:

  • CFOs – Chief Financial Officers (meets 3x/year)
  • CHROs – Chief Human Resources Officers (meets 2x/year)
  • COOs – Chief Operations Officers (meets 3x/year, special session at the Annual Conference)
  • CSOs – Chief Strategy Officers (meets 2x per year) 
  • Country Director, Regional Director, Chief of Party (meets periodically in conjunction with other InsideNGO scheduled events)
  • Other leadership groups as identified (meets periodically)

These groups all meet to hear presentations, discuss topics of mutual interest, and share resources and solutions. A private e-mail group has been established via the InsideNGO Member Community to keep the discussions and sharing ongoing throughout the year. 

If you are a member of InsideNGO, fill the role of one of the above positions at your organization, and would like to become involved, please email