Gail Leeder

Senior Manager, Associates Program

As part of the Humentum team, Gail is the Senior Manager, Associates Program, helping to maintain the high quality and satisfaction of the consultants (associates) who work with Humentum to best meet the changing needs of our clients, learners, and Members.

Gail joined the Humentum, formerly Mango, in October 2012 as a Financial Management trainer. She later became a Regional Manager responsible for all Financial Management trainings in Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.

Gail transferred her skills from the UK manufacturing industry to the NGO world in 2006, and she has worked with a variety of operational NGOs in diverse geographical locations.

Gail is a hiker and wannabe flying trapeze artist just waiting for the right time to run away to the circus. In the meantime, she is based in Bristol, UK.