Sosena Lemma

Sosena Lemma

Associate Trainer/Consultant, Ethiopia

Skills & experience

Sosena has 17 years’ experience of working in the development sector in Ethiopia. Over this time, she has built her experience and expertise as a leader in capacity development design and delivery for civil society organizations across a range of disciplines including: financial management, leadership and governance, state engagement, people-centered design and delivery of development, and monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Case studies

Under the multidonor Civil Society Support Program (CSSP 2011-2017) she led the biggest capacity development program that has ever been provided to Ethiopian civil society, working with about 500 CSOs and managing a team of 3 experts, 9 Finance Mentors and 4 national and international specialist providers. She is a confident and skilled facilitator, able to design and deliver high quality training across a spectrum of topics and provide customized technical advice to a wide range of organizations, from small-scale community-based organizations to large and complex nongovernmental organizations.