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Top Tips: Dealing with Fraud

Sometimes, fraud can happen despite having solid financial management practices and internal controls in place. Many NGOs have been the…

Top Tips: Warning Signs of Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is not unique occurance within organizations. The following signs may be an indication of fraud or abuse at…

Anti-Fraud & Bribery Policy Template

Fraud is a deliberate improper action which leads to financial loss to the organization and usually also results in financial gain to the fraudster. Fraud is typically carried out by an NGO’s own staff, or their partners’ staff – often by people you have previously trusted.

Top Tips: Fighting Bribery

These top tips outline advice from our colleagues at Transparency International UK (TI-UK) on how to fight corruption and bribery…

Fraud and Your Nonprofit – a Calibre CPA Group presentation

Presented by Calibre CPA Group, this presentation discusses Fraud and Your Nonprofit including such topics as cash disbursements, payroll, cash receipts, and fraudulent financial reporting.