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Top Tips: Dealing with Fraud

Sometimes, fraud can happen despite having solid financial management practices and internal controls in place. Many NGOs have been the…

Top Tips: Warning Signs of Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is not unique occurance within organizations. The following signs may be an indication of fraud or abuse at…

The Procurement Process – Top Tips

It is important to have a clear procurement policy to avoid confusion and to make sure we get value for money when buying goods or services. The policy also removes the suspicion of fraud – and the temptation!

Anti-Fraud & Bribery Policy Template

Fraud is a deliberate improper action which leads to financial loss to the organization and usually also results in financial gain to the fraudster. Fraud is typically carried out by an NGO’s own staff, or their partners’ staff – often by people you have previously trusted.

Project DPro – The Problem Tree

The Problem Tree helps you think of a problem in a thorough manner and provides a structured way to analyze it. It pushes you to deconstruct all possible causes for the problem rather than the obvious ones. You can use it both to analyze a new problem and as a tool to highlight the gaps in an existing problem.

MEAL D Pro – An Introduction to MEAL

Four components are the basis of a MEAL system. Each component is both independent and inter-related. It is helpful to consider them as puzzle pieces, each having its unique place and purpose. But, in order to create a functioning MEAL system, these pieces must be aligned, connected, and work together.

Top Tips: Fighting Bribery

These top tips outline advice from our colleagues at Transparency International UK (TI-UK) on how to fight corruption and bribery…

Technology Productivity Training contributed by MadWolf Technologies

MadWolf Technologies uses and provides to its clients, an online training tool that has specialized content ready to help organizations transition to remote work. With the worldwide pandemic affecting all of us, MadWolf Technologies wants to help you and your teams maintain productivity by providing you completely FREE ACCESS TO THIS TRAINING TOOL (for 30 days). With that free access over the coming days, we want to send your organization complimentary webinars, downloadable assets and other resources for you to share with your teams that will aide in working in this virtual environment.

Sample Policies of Organizational Leadership Programs

This document contains three samples of organizations’ policies of leadership programs. The samples contain explanations about the kind of trainings the leadership programs offer. Moreover, the samples illustrate the kind of participants in the programs. Last, it also provides some projected outcomes and or objectives of these programs.