Improve your results

Improve your results

In 2019 Humentum wants to help you improve your financial results.

Watch the introductory video
Our Financial Lead, Sam Musoke, has prepared a Financial Management introduction video to give you more information on all our financial resources and courses. Watch the video below:

We are confident our range of workshops and courses, tools and techniques will help you structure budgets effectively, control costs rigorously and plan finances easily.

This year we have planned out our schedule of events in advance to help you plan your learning more effectively. Please see across and below for our current range of workshop dates, or you can also visit our schedule.

Browse our full range of specialist financial management courses below:

Assessing your Partners' Financial Health
Budgeting Essentials 
Budget Monitoring Essentials 
Fighting Fraud in NGOs
Fighting Fraud In NGOs (Online Workshop)
Financial Management for Effective & Sustainable Programmes
Financial Management for US Government Funding
Financial Management for US Government Funding (online workshop)
FMD Pro I: The Essentials of Financial Management
Planning for Financial Sustainability (face-to-face workshop) 
Planning for Financial Sustainability (online workshop) 
Project Finance Essentials 
Training for Finance Trainers
USAID Proposal Development: Research, Budgeting & Submission

We're pleased to also be able to provide you with a range of free tools and downloads which will set you on your path to financial success. These tools include auditing, staffing, accounting and budgeting tools amongst others. Please visit our free resources section to explore more.