Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Humentum is pleased to be able to offer an enriched and flexible learning experience through our online workshops.

These courses contribute to an integrated and full training as part of our strategy for a global and accessible learning program.

An online workshop is the online equivalent of being in a training room and learning together as a group through collaborative activities, but stretched out over several weeks. Courses are ‘asynchronous’ – that means they are not held in 'real time' so the work can be done at a time that suits you – and are supported by an experienced Humentum trainer.Read our learning promise.

Current online courses include: 

Financial Management for US Government Funding
Procurement Planning & Execution: USAID Grants & Cooperative Agreements
USAID Proposal Development: The Necessary Process, Tools And Research For Submission 
US Government Funding Cost Proposal: How To Build The Budget
USAID Subaward Management 

Program Management
PgMD Pro I Flex: The Essential Program Manager
PMD Pro I Flex: The Essentials of Project Management 
IATI Data Publishing

Financial Management
Assessing your Partners' Financial Health
Budgeting Essentials
Budget Monitoring Essentials
Fighting Fraud in NGOs
Planning for Financial Sustainability

People Development
Agile Leadership Behavior Flex

Comments from previous course participants:

"I told my Board this morning that this is one of the best courses I have been through. The immediate transference of learning was unbelievable. This was the first time I have done an online course, so the mix of learning individually, in teams and as a whole group was a great way to learn and teach each other. I thoroughly enjoyed the team work with the differing of opinions around the various subject matters. Terry, Lyn and Sarah, I thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement through the weeks of the course. I always enjoyed reading your comments to everyone's opinions and answers."

Ann Spencer-Arscott
Executive Director of Bermuda Red Cross 


"It was the best online learning experience ever and honestly feel like we have finished soon. I am thinking of getting back already and planning on taking budget development workshop. The learning that i take from here means a lot to me as i have a particular interest in international development projects and Budget Monitoring is an integral part of managing donor funding. Finally, I liked great spirit shown by facilitators, trainers, and participants."

Norman Haider

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to complete the course? 
Course readings and activities will take between 5 to 7 hours a week to complete, depending on your pace of learning and language skills. Just like a face-to-face workshop, there is a set programme to follow with individual and team tasks to complete. You will therefore need to be disciplined and make time every week to avoid falling behind. It works best to log in for an hour or so each day.  

How is team work done online? 
There are set reading materials, videos, slideshows and guided lessons to prepare you for individual and team tasks. All group work takes place through discussion forums on the course site. It is very similar to joining a discussion group on LinkedIn or FaceBook so if you are new to this way of learning, it is a good idea to practice using discussion forums before the course starts. 

Do I have to be available at set times for the course? 
No. There are no timetables for ‘attendance’ and no live, ‘real-time’ webinars or discussions so you can access the online course pages whenever you wish. You can complete the tasks at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends, providing you meet the weekly activity deadlines. 

What support will I get from the facilitator?  
Your course facilitator(s) will be in regular contact to support your learning journey. They will post daily messages on the course ‘Noticeboard’ and log into the main course pages every day to check how you are doing. You can send a message to your facilitator at any time and will always get a response within 12 hours, often sooner. You can also arrange one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype with your facilitator at a time to suit you. 

What are the language requirements? 
All course resources and discussion forums are in English. To benefit from the learning materials and the eWorkshop format, you need to be confident to read and understand the materials and to make regular contributions in writing in the discussion forums (approximately 4 to 8 ‘posts’ each week). You need to allow longer for your studies if you need to spend time translating and understanding the texts, and to write forum ‘posts’. 

Are there any minimum technical requirements? 
The course materials are accessed through a web-based learning platform (called Moodle) with daily posts sent automatically to your email address. You must therefore have regular access to a computer and the internet – say, at least 3 or 4 hours a week. It also helps to have access to a printer to print out some readings and templates.
Will I get a certificate at the end? 
We provide an electronic certificate to participants who successfully complete the course. We assess this by monitoring your participation levels each week and also require you to complete a practical end-of-course assignment which demonstrates your understanding and application of key tools and concepts. We can supply a hard copy certificate at a small extra fee plus postage costs, if required. 

Discount offer for groups
Humentum can provide a 10% off discount to groups of four or more people from the same organization attending the same workshop. We can provide a discount of 20% to groups of ten or more people from the same organization attending the same workshop. If you would like to take advantage of one/both of these discounts, please reach out to our registration team at for more details. 

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