USAID Subaward Management

USAID Subaward Management:

Apr 24 2019 - May 21 2019

Location: eLearning (Virtual)

Language: English


Early - Mar 13 Regular - Apr 22
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Week 1


Overview of subawards

  • Definitions

  • What are subawards?

  • Setting up the subaward: Prior approval

  • Subawards pass through entity and subrecipient roles

Risks in Subawards

Identifying types of subaward risks

  • Concepts of subaward risks
  • Types of subaward risks
  • Documenting subaward history

Week 2

Pre-award Assessment

Components of pre-award assessments

  • Purpose of conducting a pre-award assessment
  • Components of pre-award assessments
  • Assessing/analyzing pre-award assessment data

Managing Risks

Methods and resources

  • Methods for managing risks
  • Specific/special conditions
  • Resources required to manage risks

Subaward Mechanisms

Different types of subaward mechanisms

  • Subagreements/subgrants
  • Fixed amount subawards

Week 3

Competing Subawards

Competitive process for selecting subrecipients

  • Competitive process for subawards
  • Criteria for evaluating responses
  • Selection of successful subrecipients

Selecting Subrecipients

Request for application documents

  • Components of a Request for Application documents
  • Criteria for selecting subrecipients

Subaward Package

Building subaward package

  • Components of subaward package
  • Basis for issuing and managing special conditions
  • Subaward package negotiations

Week 4


Purpose of and issues to consider in monitoring

  • Purpose of monitoring
  • Issues to monitor
  • Managing risks through monitoring

Financial Management and Monitoring

Options for payments and monitoring through financial reports

  • Indicators of good financial systems
  • Payments
  • Financial reports


Process for closing out and documenting sub-award close-out

  • Close-out steps
  • Inventory management and equipment disposal
  • Documenting close-out process

Wrap Up and Resources

Tools and resources available for subaward management

  • Wrap-up and post-workshop information
  • Regulatory references
  • Workshop tools and resources
  • Workshop evaluation/feedback


eLearning (Virtual)