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Locally-Led Development Policy Working Group

If you're eager to shape the future of the sector and understand how your organization can be a catalyst for change, this is the space for you.

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The What

This working group promotes locally-led development and influences policy with bilateral, multilateral, and philanthropic funders. Join us to share updates, address pain points, and devise actionable strategies alongside like-minded peers.

The Who

Any professional working within their organizations to advance equitable, locally-led development. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning finance, compliance, HR, business development, and beyond.

The How

Humentum’s working groups are focused, time-bound opportunities for our members to collectively address specific challenges across the sector. As a result, we ask that all working group members are committed to collaborating on a final product, willing to openly share their challenges and experiences, and have the time to engage in some asynchronous work.

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