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Learn the building blocks of sound financial management

Humentum equips global development professionals with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to ensure efficient and effective financial management practices across projects. We offer training, convening, consulting, and free resources to develop expertise and help your teams be more effective in this critical function at any organization.

I told my Board this morning that this is one of the best courses [Planning for Financial Sustainability] I have been through. The immediate transference of learning was unbelievable. This was the first time I have done an online course, so the mix of learning individually, in teams and as a whole group was a great way to learn and teach each other.

Ann Spencer-Arscott Executive Director of Bermuda - Red Cross

I will use what I have learned in this course [Assessing Your Partners Financial Health] to understand the financial health of my grantees and be able to assess and support them better, especially in building their funding base through proper financing strategies and financial systems.

Agnes Hanti Ndossi OSEIA

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Financial management on our e-learning services platform

In addition to the courses above which are open to everyone, our Humetum Learning Services (HLS) learning platform offers even more courses that provide you with the skills to operate within the five finance principles: consistency, timeliness, justification, documentation, and certification. Access courses on key accounting principals, budgeting essentials, and more.

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A community of NGO finance professionals

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Financial Management for Development Professionals (FMD Pro)

Understanding the key concepts of financial management is an essential skill. Learn how to set up strong finance systems and procedures, create project budgets, keep basic accounts, and prepare and read financial reports.

Anti-Fraud & Bribery Guidance and Policy

Our template is freely available for any organization to edit and adopt

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Expertise in fraud investigations, internal audit, and organizational assessments

When it comes to investigating suspected fraud, it’s hard to know where to start. At Humentum, we understand the sensitivities organizations face navigating these cases, and we are here to help. Our long-standing expertise includes conducting fraud/misconduct investigations of nonprofit organizations. With our support, you can learn how to prevent and mitigate fraud risk. We also run organizational assessments, due diligiance processes, and audits to best suit organizational needs, applying our own nonprofit financial management capacity assessment framework. Whether your organization needs help with internal control reviews, partner due diligence, internal audits, or HR audits – Humetum can help.

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