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Financial Management, Cost Recovery, and Funding

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In the complex context of global humanitarian development, financial sustainability is far from simple. Humentum helps NGOs develop effective financial management processes to recover all costs (including administrative), as well as applying for and managing diversified streams of funding.

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We combine years of experience in the sector with deep topical expertise in finance. We also bring our partnership approach to each client engagement. That means we equip NGO organizations with knowledge, tools, and confidence to build and maintain effective financial management practices. We help you define what success looks like, and support you in the journey to get there.

Financial Management Consultancy Services

Build Skills

We also offer training in many of these same areas to build skills and increase organizational knowledge. See our financial management training courses for NGOs.

Our capacities have been significantly enhanced: we have been successfully tapping donors and government funds and our annual total income increased by more than 320%. Thank you for the art of managing our finance and [for the] strategic shift you made in our organization.

Dawit G/Silassie Finance and Administration Officer, Positive Action for Development

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Case Study: Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

Humentum worked with Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, an organization funded through DFID, which requires grantees to demonstrate Value for Money (VfM). We supported the design and analysis of VfM to assess the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of the organization’s DFID program.