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Joining the Humentum community means more than support from us. It means access to an extensive network of colleagues, members, and partners, and a chance to join the biggest discussions happening today in our sector. Below, you can check out just a few of our latest community-driven insights and work.


Humentum Business Development Benchmarking Survey

Commissioned by Humentum with support from the Development Intelligence Group and its partners, our survey focused on collecting and analyzing data about performance across different kinds of donors, award types, and time periods. Developed in response to requests from Humentum members, and to reflect our commitment to achieving greater impact through improved performance, this analysis provided executives and business development professionals with insights about critical outcome benchmarks like relevant win rates. Full report results are only available to those who participated, but a summary of results is coming soon.

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The BRIDGE Survey

The BRIDGE Survey provides a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) baseline for HQ staff of US-based international development and humanitarian organizations. It offers insight into the ways the sector can be better and smarter about our work and ensures nobody is left out. TO establish the BRIDGE Survey, Humentum participated in a voluntary coalition of members and industry leaders, deliberately designed to leverage the strengths of a range of organizations.

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Humentum CFO Insights Benchmarking Survey

Created in collaboration with industry partner BDO, the CFO Insights survey provided INGO Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) with benchmarks on industry trends, “know-hows” for better decision-making, and other valuable information. INGOs have repeatedly expressed interest in seeing financial benchmarking among their peers, and we know this information will both meet many of our member needs and be useful to the sector at large. Full report results are only available to those who participated, but summary of results is coming soon.


Learning & Development

The Center for Reproductive Rights has partnered with Humentum Learning Services (our HLS and e-learning services platform) since 2019 to grow its first-ever staff learning and development program.

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Reassembling our World of Work: Acting Our Way Into the Future

In 2020, Humentum reimagined our annual OpEx conference for a virtual world. Now, after a year of virtual listening and learning together as our Humentum community, you can hear the hear the story of how and why the global development sector must rethink the way we work—all in less than 10 minutes. View this visual storyboard outlining what the sector is facing, why it matters, and how we can act our way into the future together, then join the conversation about what we need to do next.

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