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Investigator Qualification Training Scheme

With generous support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), CHS Alliance, in partnership with Humentum, is strengthening the global capacity to respond to sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment (SEAH) in the humanitarian and development sector. Our goal is to equip new investigators with the critical skills and knowledge to undertake survivor-centered investigations by using a standardized, high-quality approach to investigating allegations of SEAH.

Making survivor-centered investigations the standard

First developed in 2022 with support from the UK Foreign, Development, and Commonwealth Office (FCDO), the Investigator Qualification Training Scheme (IQTS) represents a new tiered approach to investigations training. This is based on professionally developed standards for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct, which aim to build skills and enhance competencies progressively. The courses are based on the Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) Investigation Guide (2022).

Currently, CHS Alliance and Humentum are expanding access to the IQTS to reach more practitioners globally. Our goal is that all organizations—local, national, and international—have equal access to effective, professional, and survivor-centered SEAH investigations.

IQTS courses available in English, French or Spanish.


Locally driven and appropriate SEAH investigations

The IQTS training courses are designed to meet sector-wide investigation needs, with an emphasis on providing accessible training for women and staff from organizations with limited resources. Although the majority of SEAH victims and survivors are women, female representation among investigators has been lacking. To address this critical gap, we are supporting more practitioners, including women, from low-and-middle income countries to become qualified investigators. Our model enables these organizations to be at the forefront of conducting regionally and gender representative SEAH investigations.

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Pricing and Discounts

Type Discount
Humentum Member 10%
CHS Alliance Member 10%
INGO Staff working in an OECD DAC Recipient Country 40%
NNGO or CSO in an OECD DAC Recipient Country Free
Independent Contractor OECD DAC Recipient Country 40%


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Course Structure

The IQTS caters to humanitarian and development practitioners, safeguarding practitioners, and aspiring SEAH investigators. It offers online learning guided by experts based on CHS Alliance’s Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) Investigation Guide here


Module Methodology Links
Foundation Short, self-directed online module. Available on Disaster Ready platform 
Theory Blended online learning program for 5 weeks (self-directed & 3 virtual group sessions), plus external examination. Start your learning journey here 
Practice Practical 4-week course with 2 live webinars per week, where participants engage in a simulated investigation case study. Register here
Qualification Maintenance Continual Professional Development (CPD): demonstration of continued investigation practice & learning.  Coming soon



Equipped with this qualification my investigation will be more effective, meaning more perpetrators will be held to account. They’ll know that no one will get away with abusing their power for sexual gain.

Talimba Bandawe Safeguarding and Accountability Advisor, Nonviolent Peace Force, South Sudan

I have worked within the humanitarian organization for the last 20 years, so I know we’ve been facing cases of sexual misconduct for a long time. We’ve also had investigations for a while now, but it’s clear that some of these – to be honest – are not done well enough. I personally feel now is the right time for us to professionalize investigations. Where anyone handling these sensitive, difficult and complex cases must do things right – they must follow the recognized standards, have the qualification.

Jeanette Nduwamariya Global Safeguarding Advisor, CARE International, Southern Africa Region

Participating in the Investigator Qualification Training Scheme has been an enlightening experience. The course provided me with invaluable insights into investigative techniques and enhanced my skills in gathering and analyzing data effectively. I particularly appreciated the interactive approach and practical exercises, which allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Overall, IQTS has equipped me with the tools and confidence to excel in my role as an investigator.

Azhar Rim Qachach Managing Director, Bidaya

My hope in taking this course is that this becomes the standard...You never want to be behind the standard; that's just best practice. From a risk perspective, it's absolutely necessary, but from a human rights perspective, it's doing what you know is right.

Jennifer Probst VP, Global Operations Strategy and Policies, Conservation International

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