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Together, we have more power – that's true of any group. That’s one reason why Humentum advocates on behalf of our membership (270+ organizations). We talk to policy-makers and funders about what needs to change to make large-scale systems reform possible. We also talk about day-to-day policies that need to be in place (or in some cases removed) so that every NNGO and INGO can do their work more effectively.

Whether you’re struggling to apply a new donor regulation or want to be part of the movement for equitable, locally-led development, our advocacy team is ready to work with you.

We adopt a tri-fold approach to advocacy:

  • Build relationships with bilateral, multilateral, and private funders and strategic partners;
  • Harness those relationships to advance needed reforms on the “how” of development funding;
  • Mobilize the power of the global Humentum network.

  • Our Advocacy Approach

    At Humentum, our perspective is not only global, it also spans a wide range of organizations, from private to public funders, NNGOs, and INGOs

  • Insights

    Stay updated on Humentum’s policy and practice insights from conversations with funders, INGOs, and NGOs.

  • Advocacy and Theory of Change

    Humentum is part of a growing movement that seeks to shift to an equity-centered model of development for fair, meaningful, and lasting change.

  • How to get involved

    If you would like to be involved in Humentum’s advocacy work, we have multiple options.

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Sector-wide initiatives

Our IFR4NPO initiative has gathered thousands of stakeholders across the globe to co-create and advocate for the International
Non-Profit Accounting Guidance (INPAG).

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Everyday policy challenges

Our advocacy on the Unique Entity Identifier backlog helped individual members resolve their tickets, raised awareness with government agencies, and led to sector-wide registration exemptions issued by USAID.

The movement for equitable, locally-led development

We’ve elevated our members’ concerns regarding locally-led development policy and implementation to key decision-makers at USAID. Our webinar series has reached stakeholders from over one hundred countries around the globe.

Humentum’s Section 889 Working Group has been a huge help while working through questions and compliance requirements on this complex topic. Humentum staff have also been able to liaise with government contacts to get and share information about upcoming waivers with the group


Advocacy Advisor

To keep our members and stakeholders informed and engaged, we publish quarterly Advocacy Advisor updates for development and humanitarian assistance professionals across the globe.

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