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If you’re looking to strengthen your human resources, learning, and management practices, look no further.

HR professionals and learning and development teams are essential to effectively shaping a healthy organizational culture and professional growth. At Humentum, we assist individuals in their critical roles by providing training, convening, consulting, and resources to build strong teams and organizations. As you continue to respond to the new demands of hybrid and remote work, find out how we can help.

Humentum has a lot of workshops for the non-profit/NGO sector. You can find courses with other organizations, but most are pitched to corporates, and it requires an extra effort to contextualize it to your reality.

Srividya Harish Knowledge Curation and Systems Advisor - ActionAid International

I have used many, if not all, of the things I learned [eFacilitation Skills: Virtual Train like a Pro workshop], in current virtual trainings and I am convinced that our virtual training sessions are better for it. And, it has shown in our evaluation comments!

Karsten McNulty Director Leadership Development - International Rescue Committee

There is a real sense that the content is globally inclusive in a way that I didn’t see from other providers.

Iris McQuillan-Grace HR professional

Humentum's "Leadership Behavior" online workshop led by Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken fundamentally altered my understanding of leadership as an agile tool instead of a static trait...I have already incorporated aspects of my course action plan into my daily professional leadership activities.

Joanna Moley Senior Program Associate, Freedom House

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Strengthen leadership skills on our e-learning services platform

In addition to the courses above which are open to everyone, there are many more on our Humentum Learning Services (HLS) platform for your organization. Organizations need leaders and managers with well-rounded skills that are honed through experience and intentional learning. HLS offers courses on emotional intelligence, managing diverse teams, leading through change, building strategic alignments, and decision making. Our course developer partners include Skillsoft, Cegos, Eureka, and more.

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A community of NGO Human Resources professionals

Just getting started in your career? We offer a space to build community.

  • Join us for weekly webinars covering issues related to financial management, project management, human resources, and more
  • Network and problem-solve with your peers at our virtual Human Resources Roundtables
  • Get member discounts on trainings on management skills, equity and inclusion, e-facilitation skills, and more for you and your team

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Transforming Traditional Approaches to Compensation

Implementing Equitable Pay and Benefits at Humentum: An independent case study + webinar recording and Q&A.

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January 27, 2022
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June 8, 2021

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