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Peer Power: Humentum Convenings

As humans, we’re wired for connection. We function better as a team, and we learn better through active learning versus lectures. That’s just one reason Humentum offers our members the benefit of connecting with one another to solve complex problems.

Whether you’re tackling finances or governance, transformation or day-to-day operations, we have a roundtable or a working group that will help you get farther, faster on your journey to equitable development.

Roundtables: Solve problems collaboratively by talking to your peers who face similar issues. Think of these as curated, real-time resources where you can be part of shaping the solution.  Our roundtables are held on a regular basis and provide an open space for members to share ideas, questions, and challenges in a community setting.

Working groups: Focused, time-bound opportunities for our members to collectively address specific challenges across the sector. We ask that all working group members are committed to collaborating on a final product, willing to openly share their challenges and experiences, and have the time to engage in some asynchronous work.


If you are…                                                                              Join This Roundtable                                                       
Seeking to adapt your organization’s structure, business development model, operations or partnerships approach for an evolving sector Operationalizing Organizational Transformation
Focused on improving your organization’s HR, learning and development, and overall culture People and Culture Roundtable
Responsible for your organization’s financial management, sustainability, or grants and contracts compliance Funding and Compliance Roundtable
Working for a local, national, or regional civil society organization and interested in locally- driven development CSOs Space
Leading a local, national, or regional civil society organization and interested in how to adapt and align your operations for more locally-driven development CSOs Leader Space


Working Groups 

If you are… Join this Working Group
Passionate about influencing funder policy to pave the way for more
equitable, locally-led development
Locally-Led Development Policy
Excited about the potential impact of flexible funding and committed
to advocating for its widespread adoption across the sector
Operationalizing Flexible Funding
A risk and compliance expert seeking to shift models of risk transfer
to risk sharing
Equitable Risk Sharing Approaches