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Operationalizing Flexible Funding Working Group

If you're eager to shape the future of the sector and understand how your organization can be a catalyst for change, this is the space for you.

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The What

This group will drive the creation of a sector-wide standard for high-quality, flexible funding practices. We’ll collectively define the elements of flexible funding and work to influence major funders to adopt minimum standards, enhancing the quality of funding provided to all grantees and partners.


The Who

Professionals interested in flexible funding practices and those with experience in managing finance, grants, and contracts.

The How

Humentum’s working groups are focused, time-bound opportunities for our members to collectively address specific challenges across the sector. As a result, we ask that all working group members are committed to collaborating on a final product, willing to openly share their challenges and experiences, and have the time to engage in some asynchronous work.

Your Working Group Expert

  • Moulaye Camara

    Technical Director, Funding & Financial Systems, South Africa

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