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Equity at Humentum

At Humentum, we commit to prioritizing equity, both internally and externally. In 2021-2022, we’ve continued to work towards our goal by launching Humentum’s Theory of Change and the Administrative Costs Research Project produced the Breaking the Starvation Cycle report, guiding the sector toward more equitable distribution of cost recovery. Read our entire Equity Strategy Accomplishments via the link below.



At Humentum, we prioritize the use of the term “equity” to describe our work in this area, both internally and externally. We are committed to going beyond ‘tick the box’ exercises – bringing new people into the room does not mean that they are given power or authority; a place in the room does not mean a place at the table. We believe the term “equity” is inherently about allocating and sharing power by equipping people with what they need to fully participate. We want to make sure we transmit the importance of the reallocation of power to all people.

Our internal equity work

At Humentum we are committed to “walking the talk” – we will work hard to identify, promote and operationalize best practice for our partners and clients, and will strive to incorporate these practices within all we do internally as well as externally. In 2020 we took important steps to apply equity across our compensation and benefits structure and in 2021 we are focused our attention internally on:

  • Creating and implementing an equity-oriented performance policy for all staff, with an emphasis on supporting individuals and teams to learn, grow and achieve together. This includes management training for all Humentum staff to provide us all with a shared approach to performance, tools and support for today’s managers, and resources for staff considering a future role in management.
  • Reviewing the language that we use and developing a Humentum preferred language lexicon. This lexicon will replace traditional terms stemming from systemically racist and colonial history with terms that actively represent the equitable future we believe in.
  • Launching a communal exploration of our own perceptions, behaviors and beliefs related to race.

Check out our 2021-2022 Equity Strategy Achievements.

Check out our 2020 Equity Strategy Achievements.

Below we have shared an overview of our work partnering with organizations across the sector, courses and events we facilitate, and a list of timely resources. We will continue to regularly update this page with relevant content, including case studies, surveys and reports.

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