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Your expert partner to navigate USAID funding

Wherever you are on your journey with USAID, we have the expertise and the practical experience to help you. From readiness to reporting, from sub-awards to systems support, from NICRA to navigating proposals, the Humentum team will position you for success. We won’t walk away leaving you with a long list of “to do” items – we’ll partner with you for success.

USAID Services

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USAID Readiness

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Humentum’s team will use our proven methodology to assess your organization’s USAID readiness and identify what needs to change to increase your chances.

Organizations new to USAID funding

Prior to receiving USAID funding

Proposal Support - Unlocking USAID Funding Through Winning Proposals

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We will help you navigate three essential phases of proposal preparation: planning, proposal development, and post-proposal support

Organizations new to USAID funding. Organizations considering new types of instruments (grants vs contracts). Organizations wishing to improve win ratios.

Applying for USAID funding

Process & Systems Support

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In partnership with you, we will: review your operating processes and systems​, help you develop and implement corrective action plans​ and create and update required policies, tools, and templates.

All organizations working with USAID

Early on when starting to work with USAID.

Subaward Management - Managing Subawards under USAID Assistance Programs  

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Our team will help your organization with the intricacies of managing sub-awards in the context of USAID funding, including reporting, regulations, sub-recipient performance, and sub-award issuance.

All organizations working with USAID under assistance awards

After receiving USAID award (or 1st tier subaward) which includes sub-awarding opportunities

Prepare for NICRA submission

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We will work with you on the necessary steps to prepare a NICRA submission, from cost policy statements to document preparation.

Organizations currently implementing USAID -funded projects who want to pursue or renegotiate a NICRA.

Later on, once USAID’s operations have begun, before submitting a NICRA (at least 6 months in advance).

Compliance Examination

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In partnership with you, we will: help you prepare for external audits​, test transactions for compliance​ and address non-compliance and audit issues

Organizations currently implementing USAID -funded projects.

Later on, once USAID’s operations have begun.

Build Skills

We also offer training to help build individual skills and increase organizational knowledge. See our full list of USAID trainings

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