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USAID Compliance Examination Consultancy

The Challenge: Meeting USAID Expectations

Are you an NGO that receives USAID funding? Navigating the complexities of USAID funding rules and regulations isn’t always straightforward and can sometimes be difficult to implement.

  • Do you find yourself struggling to understand USAID funding compliance?
  • Are you concerned about the potential USAID compliance risks your organization may face?
  • Are you feeling unprepared or anxious about potential USAID audits
  • Are you missing out on USAID funding opportunities because of low levels of compliance?
  • Are you worried about the compliance efforts of your sub awardees?

At Humentum, we work with our clients to enhance their compliance with USAID regulations.

Practical Expertise & Proven Solutions

Humentum offers consultancy services to assess an organization’s compliance with USAID regulations and standards, as mandated by Uniform Guidance 2CFR 200.303. This involves a thorough examination of various aspects, such as financial management, procurement, sub-award management, risk management, reporting, program management, and other critical areas of USAID compliance. The goal is to help your organization adhere to USAID requirements and manage compliance risks effectively.

Whether you are new to working with USAID or have years of experience but want to enhance your compliance or your subawardees’  compliance, Humentum can help. With years of experience working with USAID, we will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to manage USAID rules and regulations.

  • We will conduct a compliance assessment and review your organization’s alignment with USAID compliance requirements, pinpointing strengths and improvement areas.
  • We will identify potential compliance risks and inconsistencies between your organization’s practices and USAID requirements.
  • We will work with you to develop an actionable compliance road map with concrete steps tailored to your organization’s context.


Our Methodology

Humentum focuses on four core components of your operating model through the lens of equity, resilience, and accountability. In our consultancy practice, we integrate people and process for lasting results that work in practice, not just on paper. You can always expect the same methodology for all of our consultancy engagements.



Our Consultants

Our expert consultants will collaborate with your organization to provide professional guidance and tailored compliance strategies to help you meet USAID requirements while minimizing compliance risks for you and your sub awardees.

Our Promise and Principles

Trust: We invest in and build a relationship with your organization
Full Team Engagement: We facilitate true engagement with internal and external stakeholders
Focus on Fundamentals: We ensure the fundamentals are in place for donor compliance, accountability, and transparency to achieve lasting impact