We work to make global development equitable, accountable, and resilient by:

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Building Community

Our strength is in our members and our clients, and we bring them together regularly for peer-to-peer exchanges.

If Humentum didn’t exist, we’d have to re-invent it. It’s that important.
learning in Gaziantep
Delivering Learning

Our trainings are designed to strengthen individual skills and organizational knowledge.

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Providing Solutions

We provide effective solutions to operational challenges, delivered by over 120 experts and trainers around the globe.

The Humentum consultants had decades of combined experience. They instilled a strong sense of confidence in all stakeholders and worked effectively across cultures.
Influencing Policy

We advocate on behalf of our members, representing their priorities to US and UK government donor agencies.

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It is important to have a clear procurement policy to avoid confusion and to make sure we get value for money when buying goods or services. The policy also removes the suspicion of fraud – and the temptation!
Fraud is a deliberate improper action which leads to financial loss to the organization and usually also results in financial gain to the fraudster. Fraud is typically carried out by an NGO's own staff, or their partners' staff - often by people you have previously trusted.
Measures to control and prevent the spread of the disease have increased the need for the integration of digital technology into all aspects of the organization. This can provide a number of new opportunities, but it also provides the possibility for additional security issues. 
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