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The Collective Journey to Equitable Development

Humentum is part of a growing movement that seeks to shift to an equity-centered model of development for fair, meaningful, and lasting change. We believe equitable and locally-led development will only happen when organizations are able to exercise autonomy over their institutional architecture, people, funding, and risk.

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Humentum’s role

equityAt Humentum, we build and support equitable, resilient, and accountable (ERA) operating models to create a bridge between strategy and action for better outcomes.

Using our theory of change as a guide, Humentum focuses on the four key components of operating models.

Equity, resilience, and accountability is what organizations should seek to achieve, and how they will get there. It is a lens through which to view the journey.

Humentum builds and supports ERA operating models through advocacy, community, training, and consultancy.

Transforming the funding ecosystem requires action from: funders, CSOs, and INGOs. Humentum’s “12 Levers of Change” provide actionable steps to bring us closer to effective locally led development.


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