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SocialEx: Humentum’s Podcast

About SocialEx, Humentum’s Podcast

At Humentum, we believe the power of the global development community is in the individual professionals and experts working everyday towards social good.

We want to showcase that exchange, expertise, and experience – your experiences – on a platform that allows in-depth discussion and exploration. With that goal in mind SocialEx was born, a monthly podcast that allows our community to share the many unique and empowering stories that occur in the world of humanitarian & development work each and every day.

Do you have an idea for a topic or guest you’d like to hear? Are you that guest? Let us know your thoughts.

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Episode 16: Pape Gaye

In this insightful conversation, Pape Gaye, Founder of the Baobab Institute and President Emeritus of InterHealth International, discusses power imbalances, the importance of partnerships in locally-led development, the need for global participation, and more.

Episode 15: Julian Stodd

We speak with Julian Stodd, a pioneering voice on social age thinking. Julian is the founder of Sea Salt Learning, a global consultancy active in social learning, social leadership, and learning design. In this fascinating conversation with George Miller he covers power, failure, leadership, learning and growing, the intersection of art and science, and more.

Episode 14: Sarah Angel-Johnson

Caitlin Holland sits down with Sarah Angel-Johnson, Chief Information Officer at Save the Children, to discuss digital transformation. Throughout their conversation, Caitlin and Sarah talk about what it means to be a change agent, and how Sarah integrates business and technology solutions to scale social impact.

Episode 13: Nancy Murphy

George Miller sits down with Nancy Murphy, Founder and President of CSR Communications to discuss change in nonprofit organizations and her professional journey. George and Nancy also cover commonalities between sectors, psychological triggers than can make it hard to accept change, the battle between ‘systems’ and ‘culture,’ and more.

Episode 12: Dr. Tessie San Martin

In our first episode of SocialEx this year, Humentum’s Director of Marketing and Communications Caitlin Holland enjoys an insightful conversation with Dr. Tessie San Martin, President and CEO of Plan International USA. During their in-depth discussion, they cover Tessie’s early career motivations, concerns regarding the global migration online, and raising awareness of deeply embedded gender norms. They also dive into the importance of diverse and inclusive leadership and the need to let go of our old ways of working, embracing the new.

Episode 11: Oliver May
George Miller sits down to talk to Oliver May, Director of Forensic and Risk Advisory for Deloitte Australia. Over their hour together, Oliver recounts his professional origin story, walking us from his schooldays to his current role. He also shares thoughts on next steps for the aid sector and how we can prevent and respond effectively to fraud and corruption.

Episode 10: Saba Al Mubaslat
Caitlin Holland sits down to talk to Asfari Foundation CEO Saba Al Mubaslat about crisis leadership and localization in global development. In a captivating conversation, Saba shares advice, ideology, and lessons learned in her over 25 years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector.

Episode 9: Erin Rotich
George Miller talks to Erin Rotich, Director of Learning at Thrive Worldwide. They explore the effects of COVID-19 on mental health and how it has amplified existing societal problems. They also also discuss Erin’s career and personal journey in mental health, counselling and learning, as well as how organizations in international development can benefit from making trauma therapies more widely available.

Episode 8: Ritsa Christoforidis
George Miller talks to Ritsa Christoforidis from Save the Children US. In an engaging conversation they discuss Ritsa’s career to date, risk management, control cultures, monitoring frameworks as well as getting an insight into a personal insight of Ritsa’s motivations.

Episode 7: Olga Wall
Olga is Chief of Compliance and Contract Administration at Palladium. In an engaging conversation, George and Olga discuss the “Lost in Regulation” blog which Olga began over a decade ago to provide advice on compliance and best practice for USAID grantees and contractors. In a wide-ranging discussion they also discuss Olga’s career experiences in international development, the Barents Group, and her career beginnings in television as a line producer and translator for her native Russian on a BBC natural history documentary series “The Realms of the Russian Bear”.

Episode 6: Dr. Christine Sow
Dr Christine Sow, the CEO and President of Humentum, talks to George Miller about her career to date and her vision and ideas for Humentum and the social sector. A recognized thought leader and public speaker, Dr. Sow has broad experience in advocacy and technical programming around health systems, sexual and reproductive health and rights, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and child survival. She has worked with boards of directors to develop and implement sustainable change and expand resources and partners – notably, she led the relaunch of Global Health Council, the membership organization which connects advocates, implementers and stakeholders around global health priorities worldwide.

Episode 5: Ian McLintock
George hosts a conversation with Ian McLintock of the Charity Excellence Framework. A passionate volunteer for 40 years, Ian is an experienced CEO and chair, with particular expertise in leadership, strategy, managing change, business planning, finance, income generation, HR and governance. He talks about how he created the Charity Excellence Framework which offers resources on free funding finders, free goods/services, tax reliefs, personal development, sector organizations and charity management terms.

Episode 4: Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken
Caitlin Holland sits down with Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, who at the time of recording was Director of the Transnational NGO (TNGO) Initiative at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and is transitioning out this year to start her own consultancy, Five Oaks Consulting. Here, Tosca talks to us about INGO leadership, change management, culture, and more!

Episode 3: Lual Mayen, Part 2
Listen to part two of Lual Mayen’s story. He is a former South Sudanese refugee who grew up in a refugee camp in Uganda. Witnessing children being used as tools of war, he taught himself the skills he needed to create video games that would occupy their minds and give them hope for the future. This part 2 details his game creation and distribution, from rudimentary apps to AWS-hosted video games. Watch the video here and read the transcript soon.

Episode 2: Lual Mayen 
Listen to part one of Lual Mayen’s story. He is a former South Sudanese refugee who grew up in a refugee camp in Uganda. Witnessing children being used as tools of war, he taught himself the skills he needed to create video games that would occupy their minds and give them hope for the future. Also watch the video and read the full transcript here.

Episode 1: Oliver Filler
Oliver Filler, Program Quality Manager at Plan International, talks about his experiences in project management, rolling out program-wide improvements and how PMD Pro has helped provide a foundation for project management learning in the developing world.