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Humanitarian and development professionals trained in USAID Rules & Regulations


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Through this workshop [USAID Contract Management], we had a great opportunity to build upon concepts related to USAID FAR & AIDAR regulations in both practical and distinct manner. I gained a lot of useful information that will have direct impact on my daily work. Thanks Humentum!

Mohamed Mostafa Regional Awards Manager, Middle East, Relief International

Wow! Easy to understand and very useful...doesn't get much better than that [at Is your USAID Spending Allowable?]!

Sadou Sako Grant Manager, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

The USAID Rules & Regulations workshop was an engaging learning opportunity and helped to reinforce my team’s knowledge of compliance regulations. The course instructor was engaging and delightful to learn from.

Leah Lucas Research Associate, U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council

I gained a great general understanding of the complexity of the rules & regulations of working with USAID and am grateful to have taken this workshop. It was very easy to follow along with, and the format allowing for simultaneous Q&A was extremely helpful. Lastly, the technology format used for the webinars seemed flawless, so kudos on that!

Marsha Lutz Accountant, U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council

We can customize a workshop to fit your organization’s needs.

Humentum offers customized workshops for USAID Compliance and Support. A Humentum online client workshop is an opportunity to build skills and invest in your team’s professional development, while keeping teams connected. Our customized client workshops take our typical trainings and tailor them to your organization’s specific needs. Humentum’s online client workshops always put the learner first, are cohort-based yet allow people to work at their own pace.

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White Paper: Is your organization ready for USAID funding?

Our white paper can provide you with the building blocks for applying for and receiving USAID funding.

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Support when you need it the most.

Humentum can help your organization prepare for USAID funding by identifying strengths, risks, and gaps in your operating procedures, and helping build the knowledge and skills to address those risks and gaps. We offer consultancy services on grants management, indirect costs support, NICRA, and more.

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USAID Advocacy and Donor Guidance

We create and advocate for data-driven policies and standards that address sector-wide challenges. Creating targeted outreach and advocacy with donor agencies in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, we identify obstacles to the effective implementation of foreign assistance, articulate our member’s first-hand experiences, and propose dialogue and solutions that enable positive change.

Humentum Administrative Rulemaking Submissions include updates from OBM, USAID, DOS, and many others.

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