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USAID Contract Management for NGOs: An Introduction

Get insights into USAID contracts for anyone new to the process, whether you’re a partner or NGO.

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The USAID Contracts training was a great introduction to contracts and the many important nuances that set contract management apart from management of assistance awards. This is true for HR! (TCN allowances anyone?!) Thanks to our Humentum instructors who were open to questions throughout and made learning interesting, engaging and applicable to the work of the many types of implementers present.

Tina Vagle HR Representative, Land O'Lakes Venture37

Through this workshop we had a great opportunity to stand on many concepts related to USAID FAR & AIDAR regulations in both practical and distinct manner. I personally enjoyed it and gained a lot of useful information that would have direct impact on my daily work, Thanks Humentum!

Mohamed Mostafa Regional Awards Manager, Middle East, Relief International