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Let’s build your organization’s training package!

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Let’s build your Organization’s Training Package!

Are you looking for a way to ensure your team has the necessary skills to succeed? With Humentum’s Organizational NGO Training Packages, your nonprofit organization can coordinate an annual learning plan – in a flexible and cost-savings package.

Our most popular courses within this package are USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements and Project Management for Development Professionals (Project DPro) – and staff select the date that best fits their location and language preferences. However, any course can be included in an Organizational Training Package!

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My experience with the training was excellent. The course was very simple to navigate, and the content was rich and precise. I would not have gotten the wealth of knowledge I got from this course elsewhere.

Kevin Korir Software Engineering Manager, Living Goods

Wow, the time sure went by quickly and I certainly learned a lot! I told my Board this is one of the best workshops I have attended. The immediate transference of learning was unbelievable. This was the first time I have done an online course, so the mix of learning individually, in teams, and as a whole group was a great way to learn.

Ann Spencer-Arscott Executive Director, Bermuda Red Cross

Networking with my learning and development peers in the NGO sector helps our professional development efforts go further. Collaborating and sharing resources help our funds go further.

Paige Winn Learning Specialist, FHI360

US Government regulations are written in a very specific language which uses vocabulary differently from what we do in other conversations. This is exactly why we recommend that all staff working on USAID projects take [Is Your USAID Spending Allowable]. Compliance is much easier to manage when your colleagues are all speaking the same language!

Dianna O’Sullivan Accounting Manager, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Humentum's "Leadership Behavior" online workshop fundamentally altered my understanding of leadership as an agile tool instead of a static trait. Previously, I believed that to improve my overall leadership capabilities I would only have to strengthen the leadership skills I already had. Now, I understand that to become a stronger, more agile leader I also have to develop leadership skills with which I am less comfortable.

Joanna Moley Senior Program Associate, Freedom House