Home Proposal Support – Unlocking USAID Funding Through Winning Proposals

Proposal Support – Unlocking USAID Funding Through Winning Proposals

The Challenge: Winning USAID Proposals

Are you missing out on USAID funding? Is your growth stymied because your proposals are being rejected? Do you know the difference in approach between pursuing grants, Cooperative Agreements, or contracts? Or how to respond to a USAID Request for Proposal (RFP) for contracts and a Request for Applications (RFA) for grants? If you’re feeling:

  • Confused about the application process
  • Uncertain about USAID’s strategic priorities
  • Unclear about what contents are required
  • Uneasy about meeting the stringent eligibility, responsiveness, and responsibility criteria

Humentum can remove your worries and doubts and replace them with confidence.

Our Consulting Services

The USAID Proposal Support consultancy is designed for any organization who has completed our readiness assessment or who is a past recipient of USAID funding. (And we can help with general preparedness, even if you’re not getting ready for a specific proposal.)

Our experienced team will help you navigate three essential phases of proposal preparation:

  • planning
  • proposal development
  • post-proposal support

Our process includes:

  • Gap analysis for business development systems
  • Alignment & best practices presentation
  • Tools and a hands-on proposal preparation assistance

At the end of our consultancy, you’ll have not just our insights, but actual recommendations you can implement, based on our years of experience with USAID.