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Subaward Management – Managing Subawards under USAID Assistance Programs

The Challenge: Managing Sub-Awards

So you’ve received a USAID award, or first-tier subaward. Are you ready to navigate the complexities of sub-awards?

Our Consulting Service

This Humentum consultancy is designed to help both prime recipients and sub-recipients work collaboratively to reach their program goals while staying compliant with USAID’s requirements. Because if you can’t work together effectively, you can’t deliver results. Our consultancy covers crucial areas such as:

  • Sub-award issuance
  • Monitoring sub-recipient performance
  • Compliance with USAID regulations
  • Handling financial and programmatic reporting

These are outcomes you can expect:

Short term: 

  • Easy to understand and logical policy, procedures, templates, and training that improve compliance.
  • Multiple projects can follow the same standards, minimizing administrative involvement.
  • Standard set of procedures and tools that make it easy to conduct internal reviews and audits.

Long term: 

  • You’ll experience effective subaward management that improves project delivery and funder evaluations.
  • You’ll have a well-designed system of sub-award management that makes compliance easier.
  • The system will have proven record of effectiveness that can be used in future funding proposals