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Get ready for Humentum’s Week of Learning, Oct. 14-19

September 30, 2019

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Gus Curran

Senior Manager, Humentum Learning Services (HLS), US

Humentum community members have always shared resources, best practices, and more. This is at the heart of Humentum’s mission. We see this daily on Humentum Connect in our various communities and at roundtables, meetups, and conferences. However, when it comes to sharing learning content such as eLearning courses, lesson plans, job aids, marketing resources, and evaluation tools, we haven’t seen the same widespread sharing across organizations.

Learning content is constantly being created and curated by member organizations, much of which is repetitive or standard and could be shared and adapted for deployment across the member community.

I want to be clear: some content is being shared between members, but often on a one-to-one instead of one-to-many bases. After talking to members over the years, I have found that there are basically three main reasons members don’t make their resources available to other members:


  1. Members are not sure where to share resources and lack a central repository.

  2. L&D professionals don’t realize that the content they’ve created might be useful to others.

  3. There is no process in place for members who wish to share what they have created.

Humentum Learning Services has attempted to solve this problem in the past, but lack of time and dedicated project management have hindered initiatives from reaching their full potential. We’re attempting to change that. In partnership with a member organization, PATH, we’ve created a community driven collaboration project we’re calling Week of Learning.

We’ve convened three working groups, focusing on curating/creating learning content, marketing resources, and evaluation tools. There is an additional group working to set up a library and a process for sharing everything collected. Our goal is that by the end of this year, we’ll have a robust library of learning and development content and tools which will be available to all Humentum members to borrow from and to contribute to.

As part of the project, we’re pleased to announce Humentum’s first-ever Week of Learning, Oct 14 – 18, 2019. Week of Learning is an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of a learning and community knowledge exchange. We’ve invited highly respected L&D professionals from member organizations to present on a wide range of topics during the week. In many cases, the sessions will be offered at various times to reach our global audience. You can find a complete list of sessions here.

You can also get involved on Humentum Connect. During the Week of Learning, we’ll be posting discussion starters and links to learning resources in the community groups. Watch for those and join the discussion.

On behalf of my partner in this project, Shannon Dowd of PATH, and all of our volunteers from member organizations participating in working groups, I invite you to join us for the Week Of Learning. Share it with colleagues and build on the momentum of this event by helping us to continue to foster collaboration across our community.

Following the Week of Learning, working groups will continue to curate material. If you have something you’d like to share, please let me know, and I can connect you to the appropriate working group. We need your content!

We look forward to seeing you at a Week of Learning session and on Connect. Watch for the launch of the Resource Library later this year.