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Humentum at Inter-American Forum on Strategic Philanthropy

August 14, 2020

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For the third year Humentum is sponsoring the Inter-American Forum on Strategic Philanthropy (FIFE 2020). The event comprises conferences, workshops, networking and many training events. The focus of FIFE 2020 to bring about 600 people, between August 25 – 28, online. For more information visit https://www.filantropia.ong/fifeonline

Humentum is an official supporter of the event, organized by the Rede de Filantropia. Considered one of the largest in the segment, it is the meeting point for professionals from the Third Sector, who are in search of constant professionalization and exchange of experiences. In its seventh year, FIFE has already passed through cities such as: Natal, Gramado, Fortaleza, Foz do Iguaçu, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.

For four days, topics such as fundraising, accounting, legislation, marketing and communication, management, among others, will be discussed. There will be more than 80 speakers sharing knowledge. Among the confirmed names are Maria Paula Fidalgo, actress and presenter, who is the founder of the NGO Uma Gota no Oceano and Ambassador of Peace; Vicente Carvalho, founder of the website “Razões para Acreditar” (Reasons to Believe), who currently has become a company, carrying out projects to bring inspiration and tell transforming stories. Juan Manuel Palacios, Regional Director at Humentum in Latin America, speaker at FIFE since 2018, will talk about Fighting Fraud in NGOs, a fascinating topic in the sector.

The closing event will be on behalf of José Luiz Tejon Megido, journalist and advertiser who is considered one of the greatest authorities in the areas of sales management, leadership, motivation and human overcoming, Great Speaker Olmix trophy in Paris and received the Press Highlight Award by AEASP in 2016. In addition, the opening of the event will feature a special presentation by the dancers of the Bolshoi Theater School in Joinville.

According to the president of the Rede Filantropia, Marcio Zeppelini, it is necessary to promote good not only with good intention, but with professionalism so that the projects are long-term. “FIFE’s proposal is to offer a lot of knowledge in several segments, focusing on strategic management for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), which are popularly known as NGOs. We want to strengthen our public and give inputs so that the projects grow more and more”, he explains.

For the executive director of the Rede FIlantropia, Thais Iannarelli, it is necessary to know how to distinguish philanthropy from charity so that the Third Sector is increasingly strengthened. “Charity is a human act that is very welcome in social projects. Philanthropy, however, goes much further. Philanthropy is thinking strategically about how to eradicate social vulnerability, in the long term, with seriousness, resources and professionals. It is doing good, but in a good way”, he adds.

For more information and registration go to https://www.filantropia.ong/fifeonline.

About FIFE

The Inter-American Forum on Strategic Philanthropy (FIFE) has been organized by the Rede Filantropia since 2014, with the objective of addressing the main themes of the Third Sector, focusing on strategic management for the various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) around the country. The event has already visited cities such as Natal, Gramado, Fortaleza, Foz do Iguaçu, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, receiving, in its last edition, over 800 participants.

About the Rede Filantropia

Rede Filantropia is a platform for the dissemination of technical knowledge for the Third Sector, which seeks to professionalize the performance of institutions through training, publications, conferences, debates, among other initiatives.
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