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Leaders’ perspectives on navigating change in global development

March 28, 2024

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Lynne Gilliland

Lynne Gilliland Consulting

Lessons from Leaders host Lynne Gilliland proudly shares two dynamic discussions featuring Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, and Devin Hibbard, Founder and CEO of Street Business School. These episodes offer listeners valuable and actionable insights that are not to be missed!

101: A Nonprofit Odyssey | Perspectives, Wisdom & Bridge Building

I am thrilled to introduce Jonathan Reckford, the CEO and brilliant mind behind Habitat for Humanity. During our conversation, we explored the key influences in his journey, including his grandmother, whose wisdom inspired his leadership path.

“Every time I was with my grandmother when I was a child, she quoted Micah 6:8 to me, urging justice, mercy, and humility. Her mantra: a good life is a useful one, a lesson I carry.”

Jonathan’s time in Korea during the mid-80s shaped his outlook profoundly. In an era before digital communication, he worked in marketing for the Seoul Olympic organizing committee and later ended up coaching the Korean rowing team, where he had time to open up to the world and reflect on what type of life he wanted to lead.

When it comes to nonprofit boards? He notes clarity, professionalism, and strategic vision intersect with the crucial role of boards in championing a nonprofit organization’s mission-driven principles, advocating a must for term limits to prevent stagnation.

“A high-functioning board is an asset; embrace term limits for good nonprofit governance.”

There’s more! 2020’s whirlwind takes center stage as Jonathan unveils how the nonprofit sector must delicately reconcile empathy with organizational goals. He also elaborates on Habitat’s volunteers’ service as an antidote to the rampant polarization on social media.

“The reason we use millions of volunteers is because they aren’t just builders; they’re a social change strategy. Serving together counters the negative social media polarization, fosters advocates for inclusive housing policies, and builds bridges in our communities.”

Our conversation is rich with tales of high risk, courage, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge on how to navigate leadership and development in a rapidly changing world.

099: Revolutionizing Impact: Global Development, Nonprofit Sparks, and Localization Dynamism

I had the opportunity to sit down with Devin Hibbard, Founder of Street Business School and a 14-year CEO, who relayed a wealth of practical insights.

“Embrace effective social entrepreneurship.” Devin shares her journey, stressing risk-taking and hustling to make a difference.

Initially hesitant to embrace the title of social entrepreneur, she emphasizes the importance of accepting uncertainty and finding comfort in discomfort. “To be entrepreneurial, you must embrace trying new things and working hard to make them happen,” she says.

As our conversation continues, Devin outlines the complexities of localization within global organizations. Our exchange ignited crucial questions about power shifts, the imperative of humility, and the pivotal role of data in driving substantive change.

“True change requires discomfort, especially in relinquishing power. When discussing localization, we must move beyond pretense. Genuine transformation happens when those in power are willing to let go, and feeling uncomfortable is a clear indicator that you’re on the right path.”

This episode joins the ranks of must-listen-to-episodes for anyone navigating the realms of nonprofit leadership and the urgent call for localization.

Enjoy these two episodes on leadership principles, crisis management, nonprofit board governance, and social entrepreneurship, emphasizing adaptability, clarity, and humility for meaningful change.

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