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Leveraging Humentum Membership for Organizational Growth and Collaboration

August 3, 2023

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Kelly Pence

Senior Director of Domestic Operations
Corus International


Sarah Le Pape

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, IQTS, France

Kelly Pence is the Senior Director of Domestic Operations at Corus International, an organization that unites an array of nonprofit organizations and businesses, each with specialized expertise — from health to technology to economic development to emergency response. In this blog, Kelly emphasizes the invaluable benefits of Humentum’s membership, from accessing a wealth of resources to networking and collaborating with peers. What does Humentum offer that organizations can’t find elsewhere? Humentum’s Sarah Le Pape finds out more.

What brought you to Humentum? Were you solving a problem or looking for services?

Our decision to join Humentum was driven by industry best practices and the valuable insights shared by other NGOs. After hearing about the benefits of being part of this community, our organization knew it was a no-brainer to apply for membership. The wealth of resources available—particularly the library on safety and security—has been helpful for our global security team.

Can you describe any specific challenges Corus faced in the past and how Humentum’s support helped overcome those challenges?

I wouldn’t call them challenges, but Humentum’s trainings have helped staff reinforce their skill sets, bringing them up to speed with new regulations, and providing missing pieces in their learning environments.

I had the opportunity to participate in Humentum’s Program DPro Training, and I found it incredibly valuable as a project manager. The training was practical and hands-on and provided me with a wealth of project management techniques and best practices that I could immediately apply to my work. It truly helped me enhance my skills and become more effective in planning and executing projects. – Corus staff member

From training to consultancies, resources, networking opportunities, and more, what does Corus find most valuable about Humentum’s membership?

All of the above! Having a place where we can get all those things is very beneficial to any organization.

One of the most valuable aspects is Humentum Connect, where you can reach out to others in your sector (and even drill down to departments) to ask questions, get best practices, find copies of policies, etc. For an organization looking to implement something new or strengthen something existing, Humentum Connect is the place to go!

In addition to that, as I mentioned above, the training offered to members is invaluable. And to have those trainings in multiple languages and in various countries, allows global organizations to provide these resources to ALL staff, not just those in the United States. The global aspect of Humentum is very much appreciated.

I attend many of their free events. I like how they structure them – first, they are very interactive, then keeping the last half hour for questions and networking is very helpful. – Corus staff member

In your experience, what are some key benefits of networking and collaborating with other organizations within the Humentum network?

Acknowledging that similar organizations are dealing with the same struggles/questions, and having a place to go to hear what has worked to answer those questions. Whether you are looking for a new travel management company, a corporate credit card, international banking providers, HR issues in specific countries, or even an example of a policy, networking is a great way to hear from others and gain insight into what you may not have been thinking about.

The most crucial benefits are resources, collaboration, and thought partnership. If there is a resource I do not have and I reach out to a member, they have it. The entire community is based on knowledge-sharing on the USAID-funding level and the country level. I rely heavily on the access to colleagues at other organizations. – Corus staff member

What does Humentum offer that you can’t find anywhere else?

The ability to have all these resources in one place. Training, consultants, job boards, networking, etc. You don’t have to go from site to site to site to find what you are looking for. It is all there for you!

In terms of other organizations considering membership, I would say—do it! From small organizations to larger organizations with hundreds of staff, Humentum is a great resource, and I’m sure you can find value in just about everything they have to offer.


Through our membership, we connect you to a community of peers for problem-solving and best practices; discounts on trainings for individuals and teams; groundbreaking advocacy research and reports; trusted industry partners with services you need; and more. The Humentum Community is a network of relationships and membership is at the heart of Humentum’s ability to use the power of our sector-wide network.

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