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Lual Mayan talks gaming for peace and conflict resolution (Part 2)

November 28, 2018

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Caitlin Holland

Director, Marketing & Communications, US

Introducing Lual Mayen

Lual was born in South Sudan during the ongoing civil war. His family had to flee on foot from South Sudan to Uganda 25 years ago, where he grew up in a refugee camp. He witnessed violence overtaking South Sudan and the killing and displacement of millions. This inspired him to teach himself how to build and design video and board games in hope of changing the perception and beliefs of his people, particularly the children that like him, are gowing up in refugee camps. His games use actions like disarming bombs and rising to the higest rank of peacebuilder to teach this young population skills and values around peacebuilding and conflict resolution. In his own words, my video, board, and mobile games seek to provide an entertaining and informative community activity that changes the focus from destruction to the construction of peaceful communities. Lual took the time to speak at Humentum’s 2018 Annual Conference and joined us again in the SocialEx studio for a two-part series. Part two below focuses on how he’s developed and disseminated his two games for peace, and part one last month covered his background and story (watch/listen/read part 1 here!).

Watch SocialEx Episode 3, Lual Mayen: Part 2

This 27 min video version of our SocialEx Podcast, Humentum’s Monthly Podcast, includes photos of Lual playing his first games in the refugee camp where he grew up, details and photos of his games, and photos from his time at game development conferences in the United States.



Listen to SocialEx Episode 3, Lual Mayen: Part 2

This 27 min audio version of Episode 3 of SocialEx, Humentum’s monthly podcast can be found on Soundcloud and accessed below. Audio versions of our eposides will soon be available on itunes as well.




src=https://www.humentum.org/sites/default/files/lual2.jpgFull edited transcript of SocialEx Episode 3: Lual Mayen, Part 2 coming soon!

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