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Meeting you where you are: reflections from the Skoll World Forum

April 29, 2024

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Haikouhi Oroudjian

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, France

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit Oxford, UK during the Skoll World Forum and Marmalade Festival. What made this trip so special was that it was my first time in Oxford as well as my first trip representing Humentum. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. 

Before I began my role two months ago, I had a clear idea of the organization I was joining. I understood and believed deeply in Humentum’s vision of making change happen for social good. Now that I’m fully onboard, I’ve moved from just believing the vision to seeing it in action firsthand. The experience was equal parts comforting and thrilling.  

Speaking with many incredible global development actors was the comforting part. I was – and consistently am – surrounded by many talented people working for positive change. What is thrilling – and a challenge at the same time – is hearing how the sector can succeed — if we have the right tools at our disposal. One of the most significant challenges I heard again and again is the capacity to consistently deliver on the commitments we make to those we assist.  

There are countless reasons why the sector falls short of the finish line. The most obvious issue NGOs, INGOs, and CSOs grapple with is funding. The financial resources do not always reach those who have the innovative ideas and the framework to put them into action. 

Another challenge (even if full funding is received) is the implementation of the planned projects. One real-life scenario that a fellow attendee shared: you have the innovative ideas, you have the necessary funds to make them come to life, what’s next?  

  • How do you ensure maximum impact, how do you guarantee everyone is fulfilling their roles, both within and outside the organization? 
  • Is everyone aligned?  
  • How do we foster a more conducive environment for optimal success?  
  • How do we eliminate the power imbalance between those who provide funding and those who receive it? 

Being at the Skoll World Forum and having the opportunity to brainstorm with my peers served as a valuable reminder for me to consistently ask myself the right questions. Given we all agree on the direction, the details are what matter. What role do I, as a Senior Manager responsible for Strategic Partnerships, play in these hurdles? How do I contribute to progress? Am I part of the problem, or the solution? 

If you share similar thoughts, or even completely diverging ones, we invite you to join our conversation. How can we each individually move the collective work forward? How can our specific roles contribute to the greater good? 

Let’s connect, discuss, and bridge the gaps hindering us from achieving our missions.  

At Humentum, we focus on meeting you where you are, both figuratively and literally. So, let us know where to find you. We would love to connect.


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