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Speexx and Humentum

June 7, 2019

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Pavlína Šimurdová

Global Partner Development

Since 2015, Speexx and Humentum have been collaborating to bring the best-in-class digital language learning solutions to a large population of Humentum NGO staff members located around the world.

Speexx is the first intelligent language learning platform designed for the digital workplace and is used by international organizations and global workforces to help assess, build, grow and maintain business language skills. Through the Speexx and Humentum partnership, the language courses provided by Speexx benefit organizations like Catholic Relief Services, International Rescue Committee, PLAN International, PSI, World Vision and more.

Enabling volunteers and humanitarians to improve their communication skills is paramount to efficiently and effectively running operations amid crises like natural disaster and poverty. The partnership also serves NGO workforces located in difficult-to-reach locations, where it would be otherwise nearly impossible to secure high-quality training.

Beyond providing language courses, Speexx hosts webinars and workshops on various topics like microlearning and creating engaging learning experiences, intending to inspire HR and Learning and Development (L&D) managers working in NGOs when creating their own international learning strategies.

Speexx is also involved in various Humentum events such as the Humentum Annual Conference, where this year, Speexx’s Global Partner Development Manager, Pavlina Simurdova, will talk about overcoming cultural differences when creating a learning strategy. Before the OpEx DC Conference, on June 13, 2019, Humentum and Speexx will host a webinar on Language Learning in the NGO sector.

It is encouraging to see that a personalized learning strategy is superseding the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Organizations are no longer defining which training is needed. Instead, each individual is increasingly responsible for his or her own learning and development. This shift also has distinctive implications on the role of HR and L&D as key drivers navigating this change. Now the main question is no longer how we motivate staff to take part in a learning session, but rather, how we can encourage them to drive and lead their own development, in a way that best suits their goals, needs, levels and schedule.

In addition to the ongoing collaboration, Speexx and Humentum have joined forces to deliver personalized learning offerings exclusively for Humentum members. One example of this is Speexx’s collaboration with Catholic Relief Services, in which Speexx offers the organization different customized learning solutions depending on the needs and requirements of their global staff.

For several years, Speexx and Humentum have worked together to successfully deliver learning to a global population, in multiple languages, and to people who are working in challenging environments and are often physically and virtually difficult to access. In 2019, the collaboration between Speexx and Humentum has further advanced by signing a joint industry partnership. Speexx looks forward to continuing this great work with Humentum.

Speexx and Cambridge Assessment join forces

Speexx partners with various non-profits and NGOs around the globe to provide language learning and assessment, and recently announced a new partnership with Cambridge Assessment English where they will now offer co-branded language-learning solutions to organizations worldwide. Armin Hopp, Speexx Founder and President said, “We are extremely proud to launch the Speexx preparation app series with Cambridge Assessment, the biggest and best name in language assessment.”