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Unveiling Transformative Leadership Wisdom

September 14, 2023

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Lynne Gilliland

Lynne Gilliland Consulting

Lessons From Leaders host Lynne Gilliland is thrilled to share the gems uncovered from two recent “Lessons From Leaders” podcast episodes. She dives into the insightful interview with Christine Squires, CEO of Americares, and features Marjorie Newman-Williams of Search for Common Ground and her transformative power of leadership development.

Episode 093: Empowering Locally-Led Change

Christine’s conversation is one to listen to by seekers of inspiration. From the get-go, Christine’s positivity shone as we shared a laugh about the quirks of Zoom life. Our discussion delved into her remarkable journey, which began right as the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 – talk about a trial by fire!

Navigating pandemic challenges, Christine highlighted the importance of clear communication, staying focused on the work, and adapting flexibly. Her team rallied to provide health services to front-line workers during chaotic times.

Christine’s insight? “I’d say one of the silver linings of working during the pandemic came from a lesson learned that focusing on the work actually was helpful instead of focusing on everything that was scary in the world. I learned being flexible and also having vulnerability was both needed and valued.”

A memorable insight was when Christine talked about her visits to connect with her teams. Her excitement was contagious as she shared clinic visits in various countries, witnessing the impact firsthand. These face-to-face encounters, built trust within the team.

What stood out was Christine’s dedication to strengthening local teams and embracing the unknown. By investing in local expertise, Americares tailors solutions to community needs.

From “late bloomer” to inspiring CEO, Christine’s journey shows embracing our path brings transformation. Her commitment to change is truly commendable.

Listen to Christine Squires, CEO of Americares, in a journey of embracing challenges, empowering local teams, and making a positive impact on the world.

Episode 094: Leadership is Nurturing Growth in Others

Switching gears, I explore Marjorie Newman-Williams’ voyage. An uninspiring boss ignited Marjorie’s passion for effective leadership. Marjorie found herself asking, “Can you learn good leadership, and what are the basic things you need to know?”

Fast forward to her time at UNICEF, she participated in a program boosting women’s leadership. The program spotlighted self-awareness, decision-making, networking, and support among women.

Marjorie shared, “The leadership program validated my instincts to trust myself and taught me it was okay to ask for help. You don’t have to change your identity or your natural instincts. You just have to use them in ways that are intentional.”

Marjorie’s journey underscores that leadership isn’t just about climbing the ladder; it’s about encouraging others to shine. She emphasizes courage, consistency, fairness, transparency, and self-care during transitions. Marjorie’s story solidifies that leadership is learnable and centers on enabling others.

During this episode we discussed whether you can learn good leadership, and what are the basic things you need to know. Marjorie answered, “Leadership is no longer climbing a ladder; your focus needs to shift to being the person who enables others to be their best selves. Leadership can be taught, and you have to have the desire to lead and then figure out how to lead well.”

094: Leadership is Nurturing Growth in Others

In these two episodes, listeners will gain invaluable insights from leaders who have navigated challenges and emerged with transformative wisdom. Both collectively offer a masterclass in adaptable and inspiring leadership.

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