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Write for the Humentum blog

Humentum is engaged with the nonprofit sector and NGOs all around the world. As part of our mission to deepen and strengthen our advocacy of the sector, and to listen more closely to topical issues affecting our sector, we invite submissions to our blog on relevant issues affecting NGOs and non profit organizations globally.
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Achieve global outreach of your blog post

Written items of content that are hosted on our blog are outreached through our social media following network, reaching tens of thousands of NGO staff globally across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We’re specifically interested in pieces that focus on the following themes, although we are open to any written piece that addresses an issue facing the sector:

  1. USG/USAID funding
  2. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Harassment
  3. Fraud and Aid Diversion
  4. Full Cost Recovery
  5. Digital Transformation


Blog posts can vary between 500-1500 words, depending on how much time you have to write, and the depth of treatment that the subject matter requires. Our marketing team will read your submission carefully, and come back to you if we believe it requires any edits or changes, and we will work with you and support you to produce the best finished post for the blog.

Posts can be submitted in Word or an email if easier. Our team will then take care of posting it to our website and outreaching it to our community of members and customers. We would highlight you as an author on the blog, with your own photo and affiliation.


For your reference, here’s our blog homepage.

Want to write for the blog?

If you are interested in writing for the blog, contact us here with your ideas for submission and we will get back to you.