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Humentum Group Purchasing Program

We are pleased to offer an exciting member benefit: a group purchasing program specifically for Humentum member organizations. Save money by implementing competitively-bid discounted group purchasing contracts: the more organizations that join, the more everyone saves.

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  • Purchasing Cards (US Bank)

    U.S. Bank has partnered with Humentum to offer powerful solutions to maximize your payment performance and to meet the payment needs of its members. Through the Humentum program, we provide the most comprehensive payment solutions including: Corporate Travel Card, Purchasing Card, One Card, Virtual Pay, Managed Spend Card, U.S. Bank Instant Card™, Payment Analytics and Rebates.

  • Freight & Shipping (Missionary Expediters)

    Missionary Expediters and Corus have partnered with Humentum to offer powerful solutions to help maximize your procurement of freight and shipping. These are solutions to meet the freight and shipping needs of its members. Through the Humentum program, we provide integral freight solutions, including: Discounted Fees, Additional Volume-Based Transport Cost Discount, Online Portal, Support and Trusted partner relationships.

  • Freight & Shipping (DHL)

    DHL’s Global Forwarding program provides Humentum members with a full menu of transportation solutions, no matter what type of cargo is being moved. In addition to responsive service, DHL brings a spirit of flexibility, expertise in customs services and regulatory compliance and unparalleled information management systems, to give you added confidence every step of the way.

We have been able to streamline our purchasing function, to reduce it in size, because we can use this benefit to augment and introduce it into our organizational processes. We think it can really expand and all the members of Humentum will benefit ultimately.

James Tuite Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, ChildFund International

Member Benefit: How to Save on Your Procurement Webinar

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The prices we see in the proposals, and in particular from the selected vendor, are much lower than we used to or typically pay. To be part of this group and to see the reasonable prices that we can all achieve, is a great opportunity

Marwand Helal Senior Procurement Manager, Corus International

Ensure compliance

By participating in these competitively bid contracts, each member organization will be compliant with the regulations of their major funding organizations. Relevant compliance requirements will be included in the RFP requirements and each vendor contract. Each member organization will have access to the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance to their auditors.


Lower prices/Greater negotiating power

Increasing the overall purchase volume with more member organizations participating in the Group Purchasing Program will enable lower negotiated prices for the goods or services purchased over what could be obtained by individual member organizations working alone. While not guaranteed, these savings are usually considerable, with estimates ranging from 5% to 15% savings or more.

Process economies

When we come together, we can share information about suppliers, new technologies and market knowledge, as well as past purchasing experiences. The end result is eliminating redundancy in the supply chain, as well as reduced transaction costs and achievement of far greater process economies.

Reduced workload

Since the program administrator will manage all stages in the life cycle of contracts on behalf of our group, our membership organizations will benefit from a reduction in their procurement workload and are free to refocus on more strategic, mission-critical activities.

Together We Are Stronger

With the support and guidance of the Leadership Group, we will be able to improve the purchasing efficiencies and savings for all Humentum members, including smaller NGOs. The combined efforts of this group of leaders will contribute to your organization being able to save time and money, allowing more time to focus on your critical missions.

It is a benefit for all NGOs, this program and all the others that Humentum is going to pull forward. The savings we think we are going to bring in from this consolidated buying as we expand this within CARE – it’s going to bring about a larger rebate that will allow us to hire an administrator.

Joanne Rivera Manager, Procurement and Administrative Services, CARE USA

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