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Humentum Group Purchasing Program

  • Purchasing Cards (US Bank)

    US Bank offers comprehensive payment solutions including: corporate travel card, purchasing card, one card, virtual pay, managed spend card, US Bank instant card, payment analytics, and rebates.

  • Freight & Shipping (Missionary Expediters)

    Missionary Expediters can maximize your shipping efficiency and reduce costs. They offer discounted fees, additional volume-based transport cost discounts, an online portal for customer service, and trusted partner relationships for related needs.

  • Freight & Shipping (DHL)

    DHL’s Global Forwarding program provides Humentum members with a full menu of transportation solutions, no matter what type of cargo is being moved.

We have been able to streamline our purchasing function, to reduce it in size, because we can use this benefit to augment and introduce it into our organizational processes. We think it can really expand and all the members of Humentum will benefit ultimately.

James Tuite Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, ChildFund International

We were a US Bank credit card customer for years, but with Humentum’s group purchasing agreement, we are taking advantage of the group’s overall spend volume. As a result, our annual rebate amount increased sizably. The difference more than covers our membership fee with Humentum, making it a no-brainer to participate. I look forward to seeing what other group purchasing agreements Humentum negotiates for its members

Kote Lomidze World Learning

Why group purchasing?


  • Better pricing via competitively bid contracts.
  • Each vendor vetted to meet compliance requirement
  • Full documentation supplied for audit purposes.

Lower prices:

  • More participation = more power and lower prices.
  • Savings range from 5% to 15%

Save time:

  • We manage the program for you, so you can focus on mission-critical work

Stronger together:

  • The more members who participate in the programs, the more power we have to negotiate even lower rates

Member Benefit: How to Save on Your Procurement Webinar

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