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We have helped hundreds of organizations develop new policies that align with international standards and industry best practices. These modernized back-end processes ensure that our client organizations stay fit for the future in an ever-changing global development landscape.

Often, large federated nonprofit organizations want assistance developing financial policy and procedure manuals that are comprehensive enough to include all internal controls and ensure adequate accountability across their member offices.

We have previously supported several large international NGOs by producing these global financial procedures manuals.

NGO Consulting

Case Study: Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Services Overseas contracted Humentum to professionalize their project management methodology and standardize it across the organization by setting up the infrastructure to support staff across functional areas.

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Our services can always be customized to your organization’s needs. We have seen it all. If you have a specific question on reviewing or developing your policies and procedures to ensure they are updated, aligned with best practices and donor compliant don’t hesitate to reach out, we can help!

Our Approach

We have a standard format and approach to developing key policy and process documents for clients that is based on industry best practices and is continually being improved. Our approach is designed to ensure that the policies and procedures being revised or developed:

Are compliant with your reporting and regulatory requirements

Clearly assign responsibility for key policies to individual positions/teams

Use plain language to help users understand them and keep jargon and acronyms to a minimum. A glossary containing definitions of any technical terms is always included

Provide the scope and clarity for individual country offices to have the flexibility to adapt policies to local operating requirements through a modular format with version control

Help the organization manage the internal risks they face on a day-to day basis

Ensure that the organizations have an effective financial management and internal control framework in place to meet the demands of an increased accountability to both internal and external shareholders

Humentum has been a great partner in that there has been flexibility and teamwork. The relationship and the continuity provided has helped our internal practices around training staff and allowed us to feel more confident.

Zsuzsanna Ujhelyi, VSO

Examples of policies, procedures and relevant tools developed by Humentum:

–       Procurement policies and procedures

–       Risk management policy

–       Delegation of Authority policy

–       Finance manual

–       HR policies and procedures manual

–       Governance Handbook

–       Grant management policy and manual

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