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Can You Afford to Lose Money through Fraud?

Did you know:

  • 42% of fraud is caused by lack of internal controls in organizations with 100 employees or fewer?
  • 25-44% of fraud is detected by tips?
  • Even after losing funds, some organizations are fined by the authorities for having inadequate controls in place?

As an NGO, the trust of your stakeholders and the sustainability of your funding sources are vital to your success. Without appropriate processes in place to respond to tips, uncover, and ultimately prevent fraud, your organization faces a high level of risk.
But you don’t have to take on that risk. We can help.

Practical Expertise & Proven Solutions

Humentum understands the challenges faced by nonprofits and we have the expertise to help. Our certified fraud examiners have forensic accounting qualifications and experience navigating the complexities of fraud investigation. We know how to handle delicate situations thoroughly, discreetly, and effectively. Our goal is to uncover and quickly stop current fraud and then provide practical recommendations for strengthening internal controls and building capacities to prevent future fraud. As with all our work, we anchor our approach on equity, resilience, and accountability for sustainable results. (Information from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

Our Fraud Methodology

1. Assess & Analyze:  

  • We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of the context and background of the allegations
  • Working with multiple stakeholders, we agree on the approach best suited to the investigation.
  • We investigate and gather evidence through a thorough desk review and interviews with key stakeholders, using forensic accounting and other advanced techniques to review, assess, and analyze the data.

2. Design & Align: 

  • We draw insights from the analysis to draft a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations for corrective measures and detection, prevention, and risk mitigation strategies.
  • As the client, you review the draft with relevant stakeholders and provide feedback.

3. Guide & deliver:  

  • We make sure the final report meets your needs in format and content, that you understand the findings and recommendations, and that you are confident in the outcomes.

Our Methodology

Humentum focuses on four core components of your operating model through the lens of equity, resilience, and accountability. In our consultancy practice, we integrate people and process for lasting results that work in practice, not just on paper.



Our Consultants

Our expert consultants possess in-depth knowledge and experience with financial management and systems. With decades of experience, our global network of consultants know how to help your organization build long-lasting systems, processes, and solutions.

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Our Promise and Principles

Trust: We invest in and build a relationship with your organization
Full Team Engagement: We facilitate true engagement with internal and external stakeholders
Focus on Fundamentals: We ensure the fundamentals are in place for donor compliance, accountability, and transparency to achieve lasting impact