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Humentum’s Approach to Risk Management

As a nonprofit or non-governmental organization, funder, or civil society organization (CSO), when it comes to risk management:

  • Do you have a structured, holistic approach to risk management?
  • Are you often caught off-guard by risks?
  • Are you spending too much time in reactive mode?

Our Consulting Service

Humentum will help your team develop a defined and structured approach to risk management based on our model. Our experienced team will work with you to establish a risk management framework that will:

  • Provide well-defined risk governance with clear policies, structures, roles and responsibilities.
  • Result in effective risk processes and guidelines for risk appetite, risk identification, assessment, mitigation, monitoring, and reporting.

The Humentum approach goes beyond strategy and tools to implement systems for shared understanding and awareness of risk. Our risk management services enhance transparency and accountability. With our expert guidance and support, we will collaborate with you to strengthen your governance and internal control environment. With that in place, you can better navigate risks, seize strategic opportunities, and drive sustainable growth.

Our Methodology

Humentum focuses on four core components of your operating model through the lens of equity, resilience, and accountability. In our consultancy practice, we integrate people and process for lasting results that work in practice, not just on paper. You can always expect the same methodology for all of our consultancy engagements.




Our Consultants

Our expert consultants possess in-depth knowledge and experience with financial management and systems. With decades of experience, our global network of consultants know how to help your organization build long-lasting systems, processes, and solutions.

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Our Promise and Principles

Trust: We invest in and build a relationship with your organization
Full Team Engagement: We facilitate true engagement with internal and external stakeholders
Focus on Fundamentals: We ensure the fundamentals are in place for donor compliance, accountability, and transparency to achieve lasting impact