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Chris Proulx

Chief Growth Officer, US

As Chief Growth Officer at Humentum, Chris is the senior executive responsible for leading leading, and integrating all of our client and member-facing work streams across Community, Advocacy, Learning, and Consulting. He is focused on helping clients and members derive the most value out of their engagement with Humentum. His priorities are focused on ensuring the long-term health of all client relationships and growing the reach and impact of our work. Before the merger of LINGOs with Humentum and Mango to create Humentum, Chris had been serving as LINGOs’ president and CEO since 2014.

Chris joined LINGOs in late 2014 as the CEO, replacing founder Eric Berg. In this role, he led the strategy for the organization, focusing his efforts on increasing the reach of current programs, establishing new partnerships that elevate learning and capacity building in our sector, and increasing the visibility and awareness of LINGOs’ work. Prior to joining LINGOs, Chris spent over twenty years working at the intersection of learning and technology, including most recently serving as CEO of eCornell for ten years. As the leader of Cornell’s online learning company, he focused on growing new markets for the programs while also mainstreaming online education as a critical strategy for the faculty and academic leadership on campus. Chris launched his career in hospitality with Aramark and Discovery Zone after completing his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

Chris lives in Ithaca, NY, with his wife and daughter, where he was elected to the City Council, and now serves on the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency with an emphasis on increasing affordable housing and diversifying economic development opportunities in the community. He also served as the board president for the Finger Lakes Land Trust, conserving over 10,000 acres of land in central and western New York.


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