Jaivir Singh

Vice Chairman, PwC India Foundation

Jaivir currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the PwC India Foundation and Advisor to the Chairman of PwC India. He is leading corporate responsibilities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Jaivir is also a serving member of the Global Corporate Responsibility Board of the PwC Network and has been appointed Leader for the PwC Global Office for Humanitarian Affairs. His wide-ranging experience and understanding of humanitarian and emergency response have contributed to building collaborations for humanitarian action between grassroots NGOs, INGOs, and the private sector. He has conceptualized and guided projects for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and driven the COVID 19 response in select vulnerable international hotspots. Additionally, he also chairs the School for Social Entrepreneurs India, a unique institution looking at augmenting through education, the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in India.

As the Vice Chair of PwC India Foundation, Jaivir has been a part of early relief and response in most of the major natural disasters in the Indian sub-continent, including Nepal, for the past half-decade. Jaivir has devised cohesive programs that have supported thousands of disaster-hit, at-risk, and vulnerable persons, helping in their rehabilitation and building community resilience to disasters.

He leads multiple programmatic engagements focused on education, environmental sustainability, water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH). He is currently driving a program for Rohingya refugees at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh focused on the Healthcare, Shelter, and WASH needs of communities residing within the largest refugee camp in the world. He is also providing support to improve access to health and livelihoods in the MENA region.