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Judith Mumford

Director, Learning Platforms

Skills and experience

Judith Mumford has 15+ years’ experience in NGO learning and development. She has diversified skill sets in various methods of communication across cultures; digital strategy, training, facilitation, and planning. In Judith’s years of experience, she has managed many projects that focused on the online learning space. Judith leads the Humentum team that focuses on all aspects of learning delivery, including content development, platforms and learning technology, event logistics and the associates program. She has recently spent time focusing on:

  • Developing content management strategies
  • Ensuring processes are implemented effectively and content meets high quality
  • Managing all learning technologies and platforms used internally and externally
  • Delivering and leading on strategic projects
  • Developing learning and digital strategies and project plans for member organizations
  • Providing in-person and virtual training for members and clients

Judith is also one of Humentum’s primary trainers on both the Management Skills and Leadership Behavior for NGOs courses.