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Kathryn Gordon

Kathryn Gordon

Executive Director, People and Organizational Development, VSO

Kathryn joins the Humentum Board with a keen interest in how the international development sector is adapting and responding to today’s ever-changing environment. Her work with VSO in the last decade has focused on leading a mission driven organization, making design changes in governance, structures, and ways of working to support the Volunteering for Development method being deployed at scale.

Kathryn’s experience in the private sector with family owned, and equity funded businesses has aided her in generating opportunities to adapt the operating model to become more resilient and accountable.

Her leadership, organizational development and strategic capability has been built over 30 years of multi sector experience working in multiple jurisdictions and with those of many cultures. She currently holds one of the Executive Director roles at VSO, with responsibility for People and Organization Development.

Kathryn is a strong advocate for safeguarding those whom we work with, and for, contributing extensively to the range of UK government funded initiatives to strength employment and volunteering processes.

Kathryn serves as a trustee on the Board of Humentum UK and as a Humentum Board member.